Woohoo !! page
We say woohoo because this is more than a corner tree lot. We work on this 3 months a year. It goes like this... Imagine if the world didn't have stuff like, for examples, basketball or coffee or tacos or apple pie? Well since we're still like the only place in the WORLD that delivers lots of full size potted Christmas trees each year- that's a woohoo. We do this, and we couldn't do it without you, because this deserves to exist. Sure there's always been the option to have a potted Christmas tree. But what if Christmas comes every year, are you going to plant a tree in your yard every year? We have some clients who've rented a tree from us for over 20 years, and not-a-one is planted in their yard. Our clients lucky trees get planted to grow old in watersheds- parks, along roads, around churches, schools etc. Imagine the thousands of decorated and lit up trees in houses now living together in groups all over the Northwest as parts of a landscapes. Sure there's always been the option to have a potted Christmas tree, but our first year we didn't deliver, our clients came to a lot and picked them up and returned them. We saw our clients in their nice clothes getting their nice vehicles dirty- that's when we said "Uh oh, we're going to be truckers"! And we've been delivering, and picking them up after New Years, ever since. We say woohoo because we don't just buy trees en mass like cut trees are purchased. We pick trees from fields of trees grown to be cut trees, and field of trees grown for the landscape market. We LOVE going to the country and individually selecting trees. Not every tree out there is shapely enought to be one of our clients trees. Because our trees are naturally shaped, we walk around them and look them up and down to see which ones were lucky enough to grow "Christmas" shape. When we're taging them it's special to think "you, lucky tree, are going inside to be lit-up, decorated and celebrated". Then, after New Years day and the reality of the end of the holidays hits you- we're giving planters a deal on your tree. Planters arrive from all over in their trucks with trailers. They get the trees at waay less than we bought them for. We'd give them away for free except they have a high value to planters and we'd have to charge you more for your Christmas tree. We honor a 100% survival guarantee, if for example a planter buys ten trees from us and one or two don't survive, they get a replacement or two the next year at no additional charge. Charging planters for trees also ensures they plant them well and water them etc. You know how it feels to get a deal? Imagine a deal on trees that save you 20, 30 or 40$ per tree! And a deal on trees is a deal that keeps on dealing- the trees grow and grow and keep growing for years, beautifying a landscape and improving the environment! Not to mention cleaning the air and all that climate stuff. Sure the hard work is the trucking. But our favorite part is all of it- making potted trees a convenient option- a reality. Imagine the trees pont of view too :) Woohoo?

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