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This page has our contact info and how anyone is part of TOPCTC.


No office phone
(We provide our cell number to our clients.)

POB 903, Eugene, OR 97440
(internet based)

Portland address:
1631 NE Broadway Street #758
Potland, OR 97232
(mail to Eugene address above)

Lots of people make TOPCTC happen.

TOPCTC is the product of thousands of peoples time and effort. Thank you all. The backbone of what we do are the folks who get their Christmas trees from us. It's an honor to serve you. The people who buy and plant our trees, buyer/planters, are tree people we are privileged to meet. The media and people at public and nonprofit environmental groups are an unbelievable part of the experience here at TOPCTC. The growers of our trees are nice country folk. We'd like to thank the good folks at; Kinkos, Zipcar, the truck place, the nice folks at the bank, the customer service people on the phone from the website company... A few years we ran on coffee so much we thought of asking the local coffee shop to sponsor us! The best part of the job is going to the tree growers in the country; talking to cows, goin' to the country store, pickin berries and tagging trees on one of those perfect Autumn days. We select trees like Juan Valdez from Folgers selects individual coffee beans. So, from our lunch spot Philidelphias sub shop in Sellwood to our meeting spot Aztec Willies on Broadway, from tree country on Springwater road in Estacada to the most Christmassiest house on our route, we salute you all. Together we are pioneering a 21st century tradition.

Our mission: TOPCTC works to promote Natural Christmas trees (cut and potted) while being the best provider of potted Christmas trees, thereby increasing the popularity of the tradition of celebrating with natural trees indoors during winter, while lowering the price of quality conifer trees to planters- preferably local, publicly owned ones.

Our dream is for Oregon to become known with yet another environmental innovation. We like to think TOPCTC can inspire folks of all ages to think about business working for the environment. We prove millions of trees each year can be planted because of Christmas, isn't that something?

May the great SpirIt that is called many names bless us all.

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